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New Zealand Milk Bar Shanghai Guergana Guermanoff 1

50th China Store Opens in Shanghai

Despite a reversal of fortunes for some Kiwi milk producers, Biopure Health continues to hit its aggressive growth targets in the Chinese marketplace with the official opening of its 50th China store in Shanghai. New Zealand Consul-General Guergana Guermanoff attended to cut the ribbon and witness the signing of agreements with partners to open two more stores in the city. …

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John Key With New Zealand Milk Bar Founder In Chengdu E1416146146523

NZMB founder attends PM opening of NZ Consulate-General in Chengdu

On November 12 Prime Minister John Key opened the New Zealand Consulate-General in the Western Chinese city of Chengdu. NZMB founder Simon Page was amongst those invited by NZTE to attend the opening ceremony as an example of a NZ business that was founded in Chengdu and had made inroads into China from the West. The official press release can …

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Celebrations at official opening of NZMB store no. 20

New Zealand Milk Bar reaches 20 stores in China

A significant milestone was reached with the official opening of the 20th New Zealand Milk Bar store in Guangxi province, China. “We firmly believe that NZ pasture raised milk is still the best in the world and that this model is the best way to realise its premium position and provide maximum value to NZ dairy.” – Simon Page, NZMB …

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Anchor UHT Milk

Anchor UHT milk now available

From mid-July NZMB stores started stocking Anchor UHT milk, much to the delight of our customers young and old. The 250ml cartons are proving especially popular as a convenient drink on the go. They look pretty flash too we rekon  

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NZMB Luchuan 5

NZMB now bigger and bolder

On June 8, a big bold NZMB store opened in central Luchuan, Guangxi province. With a population of only 1.1 million people, word travels fast.  The team put on quite a show for opening day so its no surprise that the turnout was awesome. Its our biggest store yet and with a corner spot right in the heart of the …

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NZMB Bazhong 0038

3 New Stores in May

We are very pleased to announce that the New Zealand Milk Bar chain added three new stores to its growing network in May – all on the same day. On 18 May NZMB stores in Shenzen, Suzhou and Bazhong opened their doors to a very warm reception from locals. Congratulations to the team on working around the clock to achieve …

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Panzhihua opening day lost footage

Turns out we didn’t lose the footage after all!  Here’s a short video from the opening day at Panzhihua. It started with some really loud Chinese firecrackers outside the store (not caught on camera) followed by our NZMB “aunties” marching to the town square to drum up some attention.  

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IMG 0443 E1383534263368

China National Day Celebrations at Chengdu Yulin

The National Day of China is celebrated every year on October 1 and is one of two “Golden Week” 7 day public holidays. Not surprisingly, people from all around the country take the opportunity to flock back to their home towns to visit family.  (It’s a good idea to avoid public transport at this time!) It’s also common for travellers …

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